Remember St. Clare's

Remember St. Clare’s Hospital

In the BeginningThe St. Clare’s story is one worth telling and re-telling, over and over again. It’s not a very long story - barely 60 years from beginning to end - but filled with passion and pride and a healing spirit that exemplifies the best in health care.

With a time-line that spanned just over six decades, St. Clare’s history is easily divided among two generations. The first generation gave rise to the hospital in the 1940s. They helped fund and build it and subsequently, sustained it over the course of their entire lives. The second generation inherited that mantle and kept the spirit alive even as the final chapter was being written.

Within the hospital’s archives are thousands of printed documents including newspaper accounts, hospital publications and correspondence that tell the tale of St. Clare’s founding and the essential role it played in patient care delivery. In addition, there are well over a quarter million photographic images including large format black and white prints, 35 mm film negatives and digital shots saved to CDs. These web pages represent just a small sampling of the photos, news clips, speeches and other memorabilia that will be housed by the Albany Catholic Diocese.

Message from Robert P. Perry, President & CEO

Heal the Healers Campaign 2018

We, the 1,129 former employees of St. Clare's Hospital whose Pension Plan was abruptly terminated November 1, 2018 – with less than three weeks advance notice – are calling upon friends, neighbors, former patients and good people everywhere to use the power of public opinion to address this injustice. Learn more...